Tawainese label oqLiq will make its virtual runway show debut on September 17 at New York Fashion Week

Tawainese label oqLiq made its 2020 F/W runway debut at New York Fashion Week in February, 2020. This fall, OqLiq is joining in the New York Fashion Week (NYFW) again and adapting to circumstances by showing its Spring-Summer 2021 collection with a virtual runway show, co-produced with Taiwanese multimedia artist Cowper Wang(王宗欣). The Virtual runway show will be presented at 10 am EDT on NYFW official website:

Orbit Lin(林家豪) & Chi Houng(洪琪), a designer duo based in Tainan, Taiwan. Orbit used to be an internet engineer from a rigorous technical training background. Chi is a designer from a fine art background. Although neither Orbit nor Chi has received authentic fashion design training, they start the fashion design career with a strong passion and interdisciplinary cogitation. These cultures and so do the oriental local culture are both strongly inspired their works. Taiwan, especially Tainan is well-known for being the R&D base of high-end technology fabrics. This gives them a great advantage to try on different fabrics made of multiple recycled materials. Orbit & Chi enjoyed the process of exploring the unknown area. They keep dismantling cultural symbols from where they from and giving new meaning to the collection. They believe exchanging ideas with professionals in different fields always enlightens for unlimited possibilities.

This season, oqLiq continues the oriental concept, incorporating high-end performance styles into the tailoring of street fashion, forming oriental style of design with tradition and new. The clothing material is inspired by the concept of sustainable design. To show its design concept through a virtual runway show, oqLiq works closely with Cowper Wang. The debut of Wang’s filming for oqLiq spring and summer collection 2021 would be a meaningful echo with its efforts on keeping digging the projection of life and translating the value from Taiwan's multiculturalism into fashion.   

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Ministry of Culture, R.O.C. (Taiwan) and Taipei Cultural Center in New York Support the World Premiere of OUR LABYRINTH at The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, with the support of Ministry of Culture, R.O.C. (Taiwan) and Taipei Cultural Center in New York, will present Taiwanese artist Lee Mingwei’s OUR LABYRINTH, a collaborative work with legendary American choreographer Bill T. Jones. It will be performed by New York local artists for three consecutive weeks, starting September 16th. OUR LABYRINTH was commissioned and performed at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum in 2015, and was later presented at Centre Pompidou in 2017. The performance will be live-streamed for a global audience.

After the presentation of SONIC BLOSSOM at The Met in 2015, which was listed one of “the Best in Arts” by the New York Times, Lee Mingwei returns to the New York stage by bringing his reinterpretation of OUR LABYRINTH. OUR LABYRINTH was inspired by Lee Mingwei’s visit to Myanmar and his childhood memories of growing up in Luzhou and Puli. Lee states, “Taipei Fine Art Museum provided a poignant opportunity to create/premier OUR LABYRINTH in 2015. I hope whoever encounters OUR LABYRINTH, for it being in Jakarta, Paris, Berlin, New York or London, the project brings them the experience of being in peace with oneself.”

In addition, Lee particularly mentions that OUR LABYRINTH is an embrace of creation and destruction, and Bill T. Jones’ involvement has enriched and empowered this project. Lee further states that this project “is an offering to those who ever lived on this sacred land known as Mannahatta, as well as to every artist who collectively and unknowingly created The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Spirit House of Mannahatta.”

The Met’s OUR LABYRINTH will be performed and live-streamed on three Wednesdays when the Museum is regularly closed to the public, Watch the performance on YouTube (No login required.)
◆ Performance 1
    Wednesday, September 16, 12–4:30 pm(EDT)
    The Great Hall
◆ Performance 2 
    Wednesday, September 23, 12–4:30 pm(EDT)
    The Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, Asian Art
◆ Performance 3
    Wednesday, September 30, 12–4:30 pm(EDT)
    The Charles Engelhard Court, The American Wing

For more details about OUR LABYRINTH at The Met.
Photo © Taipei Fine Arts Museum

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About Taiwanese Artist Lee Mingwei 李明維

Born in Taiwan and currently living in Paris and New York City, Lee Mingwei creates participatory installations, where strangers can explore issues of trust, intimacy, and self-awareness, and one-on-one events, in which visitors contemplate these issues with the artist through eating, sleeping, walking and conversation. Lee's projects are often open-ended scenarios for everyday interaction, and take on different forms with the involvement of participants and change during the course of an exhibition.

Lee received an MFA from Yale University in 1997, and has held solo exhibitions internationally including The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museum of Modern Art, Whitney Museum of American Art, Museum of Fine Arts Boston, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Queensland Gallery of Modern Art, Mori Art Museum, Ullens Center for Contemporary Art and has been featured in biennals in Venice, Lyon, Liverpool, Taipei, Sydney, Whitney, and Asia Pacific Triennials.

Lee's mid-career survey exhibition "Lee Mingwei and His Relations: The Art of Participation" was presented at Mori Art Museum (2014), Taipei Fine Arts Museum (2015), and Auckland Art Gallery (2016), and he has participated at the 57th International Art Exhibition - La Biennale di Venezia, "Viva Arte Viva," curated by Christine Macel.

Photo © Matteo Carcelli

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About Taiwanese Dancer I-Ling Liu 劉奕伶

Resides in Queens, New York, I-Ling Liu 劉奕伶, a dance artist originally from Taiwan and received a BFA from Taipei National University of the Arts, was a former member of Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Company for 11 years.

I-Ling Liu has been creating and displaying her works as well as collaborating with visual artists, photographers, composers, directors and actors in theater and film. In 2019 she collaborated with Taiwanese filmmaker Su Hui-Yu and performed “The White Waters” at Performa 19 Biennial. In 2018 she joined Luca Veggetti’s work as a soloist and performed in Bologna, Italy. Her works, focused on reminiscence, trauma, freedom of speech and definition of “technique”, which have been presented throughout New York City such as Westfest Dance Festival, Queensboro Dance Festival, SoloDuo Festival by White Wave, Food for Thoughts by Danspace Project and Split Bills by Triskelion Arts. In 2017 her solo work “GENG” was nominated by Taishin Arts Award in Taiwan. She was one of the recipients of Dance in Queens Awardees: Space Exploration from Topaz Arts in 2012 and Explore the Metropolis Choreographer + Composer Residency in 2019.

Photo © Jacob Jonas

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Open Call for “SPOTLIGHT TAIWAN” Project’s Proposals until Oct. 26, 2020

Taiwan's Ministry of Culture is pleased to announce the open call for proposals for its annual “Spotlight Taiwan” project, which is to promote international cultural exchanges and cultivate a greater interest and appreciation of Taiwan’s culture in the international community.

Arts, cultural, and educational institutions – including museums, performing arts centers, and universities – are welcome to apply. The Ministry may provide funding up to a maximum of US$40,000 per year for an approved project. Applications will close on Oct. 26, 2020.

The themes and forms of activities to be supported are as follows:
1. Courses, lectures, symposia, and workshops with research on Taiwan as their focus.
2. Art and culture activities with Taiwan’s culture as their theme.
3. Exchanges and collaborative efforts related to Taiwan’s cultural and creative industries or cultural policy development.

Institutions and organizations based in New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Carolina, South Carolina, the U.S, as well as Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Canada can submit their proposals electronically to the Taipei Cultural Center in New York, Ministry of Culture, Taiwan.

For more information, please review the project details, or download the application package from below

Contact Person in TPECC in NY: Ms. Chin Kanglan; (212)697-6188#6

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Asian Pop-Up Cinema to Present the U.S. Premieres of 5 Taiwanese Documentaries, September 22-26

FORMOZAN B.B. IS COMIN (黑熊來了), WHALE ISLAND (男人與他的海), WATER WITH LIFE (水起‧臺灣), WALKING DHARMA (如常), and TSUNMA, TSUNMA: MY SUMMER WITH THE FEMALE MONASTICS OF THE HIMALAYA (尊瑪、尊瑪:我和她們在喜馬拉雅山的夏天), 5 Taiwanese documentaries will have their U.S. premieres as part of the lineup of Chicago’s Asian Pop-Up Cinema (APUC)’s bi-annual film festival Season Eleven. All the titles will be available to stream in the U.S. via Festival Scope from Sept. 22 through Sept. 26. This entitled “Taiwan’s Week: Spotlight in Documentaries” section marks the first time for the film festival to highlight “a large selection of rarely shown documentaries to nurture our audience with strong dose of pure beauty -- both humanitarian and cinematic,” according to Sophia Wong Boccio, APUC’s Founder and Executive Director. 

Taipei Culture Center (TPECC) in New York states that APUC has been delivering on its mission to be “your passport to Asian Cinema” for the moviegoers in Chicagoland since its establishment in 2015. This June, given that most of the states had implemented Stay-At-Home orders, TPECC in New York and APUC co-presented “Mini-Focus: Taiwan Cinema Online,” attracting a larger-than-expected audience to watch a number of critically and commercially acclaimed feature and short films from Taiwan. “Taiwan’s Week: Spotlight in Documentaries” offers a well-rounded experience of Taiwan’s ecological and social environments, reflecting the variety and versatility of filmmaking in the island.

FORMOSAN B.B. IS COMING is directed by the experienced mountaineer and director Mai Chueh-ming(麥覺明). Mai led his team to follow professor Hwang Mei-hsiu(黃美秀), the world's foremost expert on the Formosa Black Bear, into the deep, mountainous forests where the endangered species inhabits. The Formosa Black Bear is a symbol for Taiwan; however, illegal hunting and poaching cause a decline of these big mammals. No one knows exactly how many bears still exist. Taiwanese singer and record producer Bobby Chen(陳昇) was invited to compose and sing the theme song, “Tapushuuan Bring Little Bears Home (Tapushuuan帶小熊回家)” for the film. “Tapushuuan” means fireflies in Bununese (布農族語), one of the Indigenous languages in Taiwan.

WHALE ISLAND is directed by Huang Chia-chun(黃嘉俊). He spent 3 years documenting oceanic literature author Liao Hung-chi(廖鴻基) and underwater photographer Ray Chin(金磊) who have sailed all the way from eastern Taiwan to as far afield as Kingdom of Tonga, 5,000 miles away from home. Viewers can not only explore the beauty of the whales and the ocean, but also get a sense of the sea men’s struggle and helplessness in tug-of-war between dreams and realities. WHALE ISLAND won Best Foreign Documentary at 2020 Depth of Field International Festival and Press Award at 2020 Taipei Film Awards.

WATER WITH LIFE is the world’s first 8K high resolution environmental documentary, a groundbreaking collaboration between Delta Electronics Foundation (台達電子文教基金會) in Taiwan and NHK Enterprises in Japan. Featuring Taiwan’s and Japan’s waterscape throughout four seasons, the film takes audiences on an unprecedented journey that enables viewers to take a close look into the water habitat, the lives relying on water, and the impact and destruction caused by global warming. WATER WITH LIFE won a Gold Remi Award at 2020 WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival.

WALKING DHARMA is directed by Hsieh Hsih-chih(謝欣志) and Chen Chih-an (陳芝安). The film focuses on a group of Tzu Chi(慈濟)’s volunteers working silently in Taitung, Taiwan, where many elderly live alone or have to take care of their grandchildren while the parents are away working. Two directors spent a year-and-a-half shooting in Taitung, turning 7,000 minutes of footage into a 71-minute montage. According to Taipei Times, The audience not only learns about the motives that drive these tireless volunteers; the film also offers a cross-section glimpse of the less fortunate in Taiwan, who are usually invisible to the public eye.” WALKING DHARNA was dubbed as “this summer’s most heartwarming documentary” while released in Taiwan last July.  

TSUNMA, TSUNMA: MY SUMMER WITH THE FEMALE MONASTICS OF THE HIMALAYA is directed by Taiwanese photographer Lin Li-fang. “Tsunma,” an honorific term meaning “noble, delicate, and pure,” refers to the Tibetan Buddhist nuns in the Himalayan region, who have been largely ignored or forgotten by the traditions and the society they serve. Lin went on a solo journey up 4,270 meters to the Himalayan plateau and spent an entire summer with some of these nuns. In the unforgiving environment, she captured the life of a group of kind, humble, persevering people who dedicate themselves to keeping hope and faith alive. The documentary won Merit Prize at 2017 Women Make Waves Film Festival in Taiwan.

Celebrating its 5th Anniversary, Asian Pop-Up Cinema will present 22 movies, 15 online and 7 at a drive-in theater, running from September 10 through October 10. Additionally, pre-recorded “Filmmakers’ Talks” videos, responding to a questionnaire prepared by APUC’s elite virtual moderators, are included at the end of most films to enhance the audience’s understanding of cultural and artistic aspects of the pieces.

For more information, please visit APUC’s website:; or Festival Scope’s:

Source: Asia Pop-Up Cinema

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Taiwanese artist Lee Mingwei and legendary American choreographer Bill T. Jones collaborate OUR LABYRINTH at The Met

MetLiveArts of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, in partnership with New York Live Arts, organizes a unique, site-specific iteration of Taiwanese-American artist Lee Mingwei(李明維)'s durational performance work OUR LABYRINTH (如實曲徑). Originally performed at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum and Centre Pompidou, Lee has invited legendary American dancer and choreographer Bill T. Jones to collaborate on a special version specifically for New York City and The Met as a meditation on this moment of instability and profound change.

OUR LABYRINTH is a live performance for an online audience, streamed over three weeks from three Met galleries while the Museum is closed.
◆ Performance 1
    Wednesday, September 16, 12–4:30 pm
    The Great Hall
◆ Performance 2 
    Wednesday, September 23, 12–4:30 pm
    Gallery 206, The Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, Asian Art
◆ Performance 3
    Wednesday, September 30, 12–4:30 pm
    Gallery 700, The Charles Engelhard Court, The American Wing

Watch the performance on YouTube  (No login required.)

For more details about OUR LABYRINTH at The Met.

This program is supported by the Ministry of Culture, R.O.C. (Taiwan) and Taipei Cultural Center in New York, the Adrienne Arsht Fund for Resilience through Art, and Jody and John Arnhold.

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