Celebrating Taipei Cultural Center in New York’s 30th Anniversary
Taipei Cultural Center in New York (TCC) , which was established as the first overseas office of Taiwan's Ministry of Culture in 1991, is celebrating the 30th anniversary with a series of virtual events, including an online piano concert, cinema features, and three commemorative videos throughout the second half of 2021.

Due to the pandemic, TCC is unable to invite friends from all over the world for an in-person gathering. Instead, TCC hopes to celebrate via a number of exciting virtual events. The first event will be An Evening with Taiwanese Piano Stars - Ching-Yun Hu with Young Piano Talents, co-presented by TCC, Yun International Music Foundation (YIMF), and Flushing Town Hall (FTH). The event will be broadcast live on July 31, as the opening concert of PYPA Piano Festival and as part of New York’s Flushing Town Hall online program on August 14, allowing us to share the vibrant energy of the Taiwanese artistic community.

The second event will be a virtual film series featuring seven spine-chilling ghost/horror films at the end of August , in accordance with Taiwan's Ghost Month, which is observed in the 7th month of the lunar calendar. The series, co-presented by New York Asian Film Festival, reflects the surge of Taiwanese genre films in recent years, among which horror/ghost films make up the most burgeoning one.

TCC’s mission is to support international cultural exchanges in order to introduce Taiwan’s arts and culture to audiences in North America. TCC has reached out to art museums, theaters, performing arts centers, film cinemas, festivals, curators, and presenters in the US and Canada for the past three decades. In revisiting some of its most notable past achievements, TCC will interview those who made the collaborations possible and produce video recordings to share our success and excitement.

About the Logo for TCC’s 30th Anniversary
The Taipei Cultural Center in New York (TCC), which was established in 1991, builds connections through arts and culture in New York and throughout North America. The 30th anniversary logo is inspired by the core values of our mission. The lines surrounding each letter and number, and the floating white paths created by this effect, symbolize the flow of connections and cultural exchanges. Moreover, the blossoming of the morning glory flower in the letter 'C' is dedicated to all those who have contributed to the TCC's past and present, and to those who will be contributing to our future as well.

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An Evening with Taiwanese Piano Stars - Ching-Yun Hu & Taiwanese New Talent Pianists
The Taipei Cultural Center, Yun International Music Foundation (YIMF) and Flushing Town Hall (FTH) together facilitate an on-line concert by introducing Taiwanese piano stars. The concert is part of TCC in New York's 30th Anniversary program and will be broadcast live on July 31, as the opening concert of PYPA Piano Festival and as part of New York’s Flushing Town Hall online program on August 14, allowing us to share the vibrant energy of the Taiwanese artistic community. An Evening with Taiwanese Piano Stars - Ching-Yun Hu with Young Piano Talents concert is pre-recorded at Kaufmann Music Center- Merkin Hall in New York, and music studios in different cities in Taiwan.

Hailed by The Philadelphia Inquirer as a “first class talent… superb pianist” and by International Piano (London) for “praises follow her around the world”, Taiwanese-American pianist Ching-Yun Hu is a unique presence on the international concert scene. She is the winner of the Arthur Rubinstein and Concert Artists Guild Competitions, and since her debut with the Philadelphia Orchestra and Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, she has continued to perform internationally at major concert venues across the world. Her albums with Naxos, ArchiMusic, and BMop Sound have received critical acclaims and won the prestigious Golden Melody Award for “Best Classical Album of the Year”. Pianist Magazine has called her latest Rachmaninoff album as an “essential listening for Rachmaninoff admirers”. Renowned also as a presenter, curator, educator and a passionate classical music promoter, she is the founder and artistic director of renowned Philadelphia Young Pianists’ Academy (PYPA), and serves on the piano faculty at Temple University in Philadelphia.

In this concert, Ching-Yun Hu is joined t by two rising Taiwanese piano stars, Natasha Wu and Yao-Wen Chang, in a program of piano classics by Schubert, Chopin, Liszt, Rachmaninoff and Taiwan's own Tyzen Hsiao.

Chopin Impromptu in A-Flat Major, Op. 29
Chopin Impromptu in G-Flat Major, Op. 36
Chopin Impromptu in D-Flat Major. Op. 51
Chopin Fantasie Impromptu in c-sharp minor, Op. 66
Perfomer: Ching-Yun Hu

Schubert/Liszt "Ave Maria"
Schubert/Liszt "Auf dem Wasser zu Singen"
Schumann/Liszt "Widmung"
Perfomer: Ching-Yun Hu

Rachmaninoff Etudes-tableaux, Op. 39, No. 1, 2, 4, 5, 8, 9
Perfomer: Ching-Yun Hu

Schubert Impromptu in G-Flat Major, Op. 90, No. 3
Chopin Mazurkas Op. 51, No. 1, 2
Performer: Natasha Wu

Chopin Ballade No. 3 in A-Flat Major, Op. 47
Perfomer: Yao-Wen Chang

Tyzen Hsiao The Angel from Formosa
Performer: Ching-Yun Hu

Concert information:

Date: SAT, July 31, 2021 8:00 PM
Location: online at
Tickets: Free Admission

Date: SAT, AUG 14, 2021 7:00 PM
Location: FTH at HOME (Virtual Venue)
Tickets: Free Admission

TCC in New York's 30th Anniversary
The Taipei Cultural Center in New York (TCC), which was established as the first overseas office of Taiwan's Ministry of Culture in 1991, builds connections through arts and culture in New York and throughout North America. TCC’s mission is to reach out to all kinds of arts organization and artists in the US and Canada and support international cultural exchanges, collaborations, and artistic events in order to introduce Taiwan's arts and culture to a broader audience.

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Arts Fun Theatre Streaming 96 Programs this Summer

The Ministry of Culture (MOC) has launched a virtual "Arts Fun Theatre (藝Fun劇場)," screening six shows by Taiwanese performing arts troupes every weekend in support of the cultural and arts industry during the pandemic through August 29.

The programs, including musical, dance, traditional opera, modern drama film, puppet shows, family shows and others, display abundant creative energy of Taiwanese artists as well as the vibrant performing arts in Taiwan. MOC hopes to incorporate performing arts into the daily lives of the public and maintain the habit and enthusiasm of watching performances.

Co-organized by National Performing Arts Center and its subsidiaries - National Theater and Concert Hall (NTCH), National Taichung Theater (NTT), and National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts (Weiwuying), "Art Fun Theatre" will be streamed on YouTube every Saturday and Sunday at 2:30am (EDT) and 7:30am (EDT).

Check out more information and program line-up at

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Streaming Now and More to Come: We need Ju— The Ju Percussion Group 35th Anniversary Video Project

The Ju Percussion Group, in collaboration with Very Mainstream Studio and partially sponsored by the Taipei Cultural Center in New York, presents "We need Ju," a video series aimed at a global audience in celebration of the group’s 35th anniversary.

Well-known around the world for their innovative blend of East and West, traditional and contemporary, Ju Percussion Group is a theatrical music percussion group consisting of members who possess masterful virtuosity in playing Western percussion instruments, as well as Chinese gong drum music and other forms of Asian traditional music. The members’ dynamic talent and showmanship consistently wowed
audiences when they performed on stages all over the world. However, in this video project titled “We need Ju,” you will see all the members interact and exchange ideas with skilled musicians, supporting staff, and others involved with the theatrical process. Seven thematic short videos will show the connections between the percussion music profession and work, life, and all sectors of society, including the art of instrument handling, timbre development, and stage change, as well as lessons learned from baseball batters, Taiko drum masters, and audio effect producers. Each feature video echoes the Ju Percussion Group’s dream of “enhancing the wide interest in percussion music in Taiwan” and helping people in Taiwan enjoy the power of percussion music, not only in the theater, but also in their daily life.

The founder of the percussion group, Ju Tzong-Ching, said, “Indeed, the height of today will be the starting point tomorrow. If we can continue to lay a solid foundation and expand our base, I am convinced that there is so much more potential for Taiwan’s percussion music to expand its space, and create added values for all sectors of life, thereby instilling endless vitality to our society. Our active performances around the world will certainly become a famous MIT (made in Taiwan) product!”

An Introduction to the Ju Percussion Group:

Rooted in Taiwan and shining on the world stage, the Ju Percussion Group has continued to maintain its "moving on" spirit and unique approach to "blending tradition and modern, balancing East and West." To date, the group has played in 34 different countries around the world, and it has cultivated almost 150,000 percussion learners via its instruction system. The growth of the Ju Percussion Group is a reflection of the development of contemporary percussion on the island of Taiwan.

To further expand on its range of performances, the Ju Percussion Group holds three grand concerts every year, and these events serve to demonstrate its creativity, showcase its inherited cultural legacy, and fuse Western and Asian culture. Apart from its concert performances, another feature of the group is its composition of original musical pieces. The Ju Percussion Group is one of the few ensembles with its own exclusive composers, and the group has commissioned the creation of as many as 243 pieces. It invests massive resources in domestic and overseas creation to develop and treasure the voice of this era.

We need Ju— The Ju Percussion Group 35th Anniversary Video Project with 7 videos

Free streaming available on Official Website of Ju Percussion Group 35th Anniversary and Ju Percussion Group YouTube.  

Two videos are available to watch now, and five more will be presented by the end of this year.

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A New Book Coming in June--THE MEMBRANES, by Taiwanese Writer CHI TA-WEI and Translated by ARI LARISSA HEINRICH

The Taipei Cultural Center is pleased to announce the launch of a new book, THE MEMBRANES, as one of the books in the series, Modern Chinese Literature from Taiwan, published by the Columbia University Press in New York.

“This rather astonishing science fiction novel is a powerful story about consciousness and connection with other people. It cuts right to the heart of our current moment by way of metaphor, but in a manner that is entirely Chi’s, and thus a new thing for English-language readers. What a surprising and exciting addition to science fiction and world literature.”

Kim Stanley Robinson, author of Red Mars

*About the Book

It is the late twenty-first century, and Momo is the most celebrated dermal care technician in all of T City. Humanity has migrated to domes at the bottom of the sea to escape devastating climate change. The world is dominated by powerful media conglomerates and runs on exploited cyborg labor. Momo prefers to keep to herself, and anyway she’s too busy for other relationships: her clients include some of the city’s best-known media personalities. But after meeting her estranged mother, she begins to explore her true identity, a journey that leads to questioning the bounds of gender, memory, self, and reality. First published in Taiwan in 1995, The Membranes is a classic of queer speculative fiction in Chinese. Chi Ta-wei weaves dystopian tropes—heirloom animals, radiation-proof combat drones, sinister surveillance technologies—into a sensitive portrait of one young woman’s quest for self-understanding. Predicting everything from fitness tracking to social media saturation, this visionary and sublime novel stands out for its queer and trans themes. The Membranes reveals the diversity and originality of contemporary speculative fiction in Chinese, exploring gender and sexuality, technological domination, and regimes of capital, all while applying an unflinching self-reflexivity to the reader’s own role. Ari Larissa Heinrich’s translation brings Chi’s hybrid punk sensibility to all readers interested in books that test the limits of where speculative fiction can go.

*About the Author

Chi Ta-wei is a renowned writer and scholar from Taiwan. Chi’s scholarly work focuses on LGBT studies, disability studies, and Sinophone literary history, while his award-winning creative writing ranges from science fiction to queer short stories. He is an associate professor of Taiwanese literature at the National Chengchi University.

*About the Translator

Ari Larissa Heinrich is a professor of Chinese literature and media at the Australian National University. They are the author of Chinese Surplus: Biopolitical Aesthetics and the Medically Commodified Body (2018) and other books, and the translator of Qiu Miaojin’s novel Last Words from Montmartre (2014).


You may now read  an excerpt from the book here:

And the Los Angeles Times book review here:
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Taiwanese artist Joyce Ho’s work is on view in Asia Society Triennial《We Do Not Dream Alone》until the end of June.
Joyce has participated in the inaugural triennial since March. She has six pieces of artwork installed in the Asia Society Museum. In response to the effects of pandemic, she also turns two live performances, An Artist Talk to virtual ones performing alongside two Taiwanese actors. Joyce Ho was born in Taipei and received her M.A. from the University of Iowa in 2010. She currently lives and works in Taipei. Her practice including painting, sculpture, installation, video, and performance is to explore daily rituals, the deconstruction of movement, and the tension between illusion and reality. She has been included in many important art festivals around the world, including 2020 Yokohama Triennial: Afterglow, 2018 9th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art, etc.

The exhibition will end within a month. You still have time to see it in person. Book Your Free Timed Tickets Here.

Exhibition: 《We Do Not Dream Alone》
Venue: Asia Society Museum
Address: 725 Park Ave, New York, NY 10021
Date: March 26 - June 27, 2021
Hours: Friday-Sunday 11AM-3PM
Joyce Ho | Asia Society

Book Free Timed Tickets

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The 18th IMAs Best Album Packaging: EMERGE HOUSE BAND- Time.
The 18th IMAs Best Album Packaging: EMERGE HOUSE BAND- Time.
The 18th IMAs Best Song (metal/hardcore category)
The 18th IMAs Best Song (metal/hardcore category)
Celebrating & Blessing - Photographer Jeff Chien-Hsing Liao
Celebrating & Blessing - Photographer Jeff Chien-Hsing Liao
Our Journey Our Song- by Ju Percussion Group
Our Journey Our Song- by Ju Percussion Group
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